FAN SITE : 2017 Gay Pride = 14th - 18th June 2018 in Sitges , near Barcelona

Sitges Gay Pride Parade is Sunday 5pm to 7pm

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Sitges Gay Pride Agenda

Thursday 14th of June  

  • 18:00hrs-19:15hrs DJ's 'Gay T Dance'
  • 19:30hrs-20:00hrs Comodin 'Cabaret' Show
  • 20:00hrs-20:45hrs Opening Show with Lady Diamond
  • 21:00hrs-21:20hrs #Stronger Together - The Official Opening Ceremony 
  • 21:30hrs-22:15hrs  Drag Show Performers
  • 22:15hrs-23:15hrs Actuación principal | Main Act : A NEW MADDONNA EXPERIENCE 
  • 23:30hrs-00:00hrs  Red Party Night en  El Village / The  Red Party Night in the Village

Friday 15th of June

  • 11:00hrs - 14:30hrs The Poseidon Boat Party
  • 17:00hrs-19:15hrs DJ's 'Gay T Dance'
  • 19:30hrs-20:00hrs Comodin 'Cabaret' Show
  • 20:00hrs-20:45hrs Double Dutch classic hits from the 70s and 80s!
  • 21:00hrs-21:30hrs  EUROExplosion biggest songs from Eurovision
  • 21:30hrs-22:05hrs Londong Drag Queen All Star - Mary MAC
  • 22:30hrs-00:00hrs  Actuación principal | Main Act: MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE - JACKSON FOREVER 
  • 00:00hrs-01:30hrs WHITE NIGHT PARTY IN THE VILLAGE

Saturday 16th of June  

  • 12:00hrs - 16:00hrs The Gay Beach Party Hola Beach Club.
  • 16:00hrs-19:30hrs Saturday Summer Pride Village Party DJ
  • 19:30hrs-19:55hrs Comodin 'Cabaret' Show
  • 20:15hrs-20:40hrs VERSUS mix of Spanish music with a rock and pop vibe
  • 20:45hrs-21:15hrs GRAHAM GE stunning vocals and Cabaret Noir show 
  • 21:15hrs-22:00hrs Osvaldo Supino Italian artist
  • 22:15hrs-23:00hrs ADDICTED Experience models show
  • 23:00hrs-23:30hrs La Familia Bastarda uirky songs and shows 
  • 23:30hrs-01:40hrs Actuación principal | Main Act: DIVAS
  • 23:30hrs-00:10hrs  DIVAS SHOW - Kathy Perry
  • 00:15hrs-00:55hrs  DIVAS SHOW - Shakira
  • 01:00hrs-01:40hrs  DIVAS SHOW - Pink 
  • 01:40hrs-03:00hrs  BLACK Night Party in the Village

  Sunday 17th of June

  • 15:00hrs. The Pride Pre and Post Parade Party 
  • 17:00hrs-19:00hrs Sitges Gay Pride Parade 
  • 18:00hrs I.N.F.E.R.N.O The Parade after party with DJ Mr. Chi
  • 21:30hrs-22:00hrs Comodin Show - Post Pride Celebration
  • 22:15hrs- 22:45hrs Barcelona All Star Drag Queen - Sharonne
  • 22:45hrs-23:15hrs Christopher Haul land of "Boybands" 
  • 23:30hrs-00:15hrs Actuación principal | Main Act: BONEY M TRIBUTE
  • 00:15hrs- 01:00hrs  OZ Village Party  hottest Matinee GoGos and Guest DJs

Monday 18th of June 

  • 18:00hrs-20:00hrs DJ's 'Gay T Dance'
  • 19:30hrs-20:00hrs Comodin 'Cabaret' Show - Goodby from Sitges
  • 20:00hrs-21:00hrs George Ritchie classic big band songs and musical numbers
  • 21:05hrs-22:00hrs Noelia Molino from nearby Vilafranca
  • 22:00hrs-23:15hrs Actuación principal | Main Act: Tribute to PRINCE - PRINCE FOREVER
  • 23:30hrs-23:45hrs Lady Diamond -  Diamonds and pearls - Official Closing Show

Tea Dance Nightly DJ’s Set

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After Promenade Events & Parties

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Sitges Gay Pride Agenda Download

Sitges Gay Pride Agenda Download

Right click to download an ‘Sitges Gay Pride Agenda’ [Read More...]
Live Music at Gay Pride Sitges

Live Music at Gay Pride Sitges

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2010 Sitges Pride Launch : Press Release

2010 Sitges Pride Launch : Press Release

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