Sitges Gay Pride Event 2019



7:58 am To 7:58 am

Passeig de la Ribera, 48-72, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain


Thursday 8th

  • 5-7.15pm : 17:00hrs-19:15hrs
    DISCO Gay T Dance
  • 7.30-8pm : 19:30hrs-20:00hrs
    Comodin Drag Show
  • 8-8.45pm : 20:00hrs-20:45hrs
    Lady Diamond Drag Act
  • 9-9.20pm : 21:00hrs-21:20hrs
    Official Opening Ceremony
  • 9.30-10.15pm : 21:30hrs-22:15hrs
    Drag impressions & comedy
  • 10.15pm-11.15pm : 22:15hrs-23:15hrs
    GAGA – Donna Marie
  • 11.15pm-Midnight : 23: 15h-00:00hrs
    Neon Party DISCO

    Followed by other events, in town

Friday 9th

  • 5-7.00pm : 17:00hrs-19:00hrs
    DISCO Gay T Dance
  • 7.00-7.25pm : 19:00hrs-19:25hrs
    Comodin Drag Show
  • 7.30-8pm : 19:30hrs-20:00hrs
    Double Dutch (rope skipping??)
  • 8.15-8.45pm : 20:15hrs-20:45hrs London Gay Big Band
    (Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalists)
  • 9.10-9.30pm : 21:10hrs-21:30hrs Lorena Ares Singer
  • 9.35-10.05pm : 21:35hrs-22:05hrs Danny Beard – Drag Idol UK Winner
  • 10.10-10.40pm : 22:10hrs-22:40hrs Barei Singer
  • 11pm-Midnight : 23:00hrs-00:00hrs BRUNO MARS – Jeff Dingle
    (on American Idol )
  • Midnight-1.30pm : 00:00hrs-01:30hrs
    White Night Party DJ

    Followed by other events, in town

Saturday 10th

  • 5-7.30pm : 17:00hrs-19:30hrs
    DISCO Gay T Dance
  • 7.30-7.55pm : 19:30hrs-19:55hrs Comodin Drag Show
  • 8.15-8.45pm : 20:15hrs-20:45hrs
    Lady Diamond Drag Act
  • 9-9.45pm : 21:00hrs-21:45hrs
    London Gay Big Band
    (LGBB Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalists)
  • 9.45-10pm : 21:45hrs-22:00hrs
    Lady Diamond with LGBB
  • 10.15-11pm : 22:15hrs-23:00hrs Addicted Fashion Show
  • 11-11.45pm : 23:00hrs-23:45hrs
    RUBY MURRAY – The fat lady sings!
  • 11.45pm-12.30am : 23:45hrs-00:30hrs
    Kym Mazelle House R&B
  • 12.45am-1.30am : 00:45hrs-01:30hrs BACCARA  vocal duo formed in 1977
  • 1.30am-3.00am : 01:30hrs-03:00hrs Red White & Blue Party

    Followed by other events, in town

Sunday 11th

  • 3pm-8.55pm : 15:00hrs-20:55hrs Inferno The Pride Parade After party
  • 5pm-7pm : 17:00hrs-19:00hrs
    Sitges Gay Pride Parade
  • 9-9.25pm : 21:00hrs-21:25hrs Comodin Drag Show
  • 9.30-10pm : 21:30hrs-22:00hrs
    Lady Diamond Drag Show
  • 10-10.30pm : 22:00hrs-22:30hrs Danny Beard – Drag Idol UK Winner
  • 10.45-11.15pm : 22:45hrs-23:15hrs ROZALLA Singer : sang
    “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”
  • 11.15pm-12.15am : 23:15hrs-00:15hrs ABBA – Tribute Show Mamma Mia
  • 12.15am-1am : 00:15h- 01:00h Candyland Post Parade Party with Dj

    Followed by other events, in town

Monday 12th

  • 5-7.00pm : 17:00hrs-19:00hrs
    DISCO Gay T Dance
  • 7.00-7.25pm : 19:00hrs-19:25hrs
    Comodin Drag Show
  • 7.30-8pm : 19:30hrs-20:00hrs MIKAN Singer
  • 8.15-9pm : 20:15hrs-21:00hrs
    Lucía Pérez Singer
  • 9.05-10.05pm : 21:05hrs-22:05hrs DOLLY PARTON – nº1 Tribute Show Kelly O’Bien
  • 10.15-11.15pm : 22:15hrs-23:15hrs – Tribute to GEORGE MICHAEL – by Rob Lamberty
  • 11.15-11.45pm : 23:15hrs-23:45hrs Lady Diamond – Cowboys & Angels Closing Show

    Followed by other events, in town

Event Description

Sitges Gay Pride Parade : Sunday

ROUTE: Along beach front promenade
(Kansas Churingito and down through Psg. Ribera returning to Psg. Maritim)
Party on the promenade after parade.
Starts 09 Jun Sitges Gay Pride Event 2019

Approx Parade Route (click to enlarge)
2013 Sitges Gay Pride Route

View Sitges Gay Pride Route in a larger ‘Google’ map

Live Music on the promenade –
Passeig de la Ribera, 48-72, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Saturday 8th of June


12h – Cultural Pride

Presentation of  “Guide for a young trans”  in Galería Agora 3 (carrer Nou 20)

13:00h – 18:00h The Gay Beach Party

“Gay Beach Party” en Hola Beach Club

19:30h – Subasta de Arte Solidaria / Benefit Art Auction

 In the art gallery Galería Agora 3. Art exhibition from 11h to 19h (carrer Nou 20)

19:30h – 20:15 80’s H.I.I.T.S. with Mcpherson Fitness

 Live your Jane Fonda fantasy in this fun, fierce exercise class

 20:15h-20:45h Comodin Show

Secre and friends present hits from their famous Comodin show with something special each night

20:45h-21:15h  Diamonds! 10 Years of Lady on stage

One of our most beloved acts, Lady Diamond, returns to the stage on Saturday with a collection of her favourite songs over the past 10 years of Siges Pride

21:15h-22:30h  Miss Penny

Miss Penny is one of the hottest acts in the UK riht now and brings her larger than life, full show, to the Sitges Pride stage of the first time.

22:30h-00:15h  Addicted Fashion show – with Terremoto de Alcorcón

A very special 10th Addicted Anniversary celebration with special guest star Terremoto de Alcorcón and prsenter Ricardo Jordán… and of course the Addicted boys!

00:15h-01:00h Drag with no name

DWNN returns for a completely different show from her weekday performance. Great songs and a wicked sense of humour make this a show to remember

01:00h – 02:00h Actuación principal | Main Act –

 A stunning tribute to the great Tina Turner with a 10 person performance on stage. Totally Tina is the Nº1 tribute act to the legendary singer

02:30h  Kink Party in the Village

The theme is Kink in keeping with the 2 after parties.


After the main act, party in the stablishments


  Gay Pride Sitges 2019

|Sunday 9th of June

11:30h. –  Voliball Playa de la Fragata / Fragata Beach

15:00h. –   The Parade Day – Get the party started!

Get ready for the biggest day of Sitges Pride and dance by the beach to the very best music and watch the parade preparations begin!

17:00h-19:00h Sitges Gay Pride Parade 

The parade takes place along the seafront from the top of Kansas Restaurant to the Church before making its way back along the seafront. The entire parade lasts for 2 hours approximately.

 – Sitges Sauna en la Parade con DJ Nuria Scarp  and porn Stars Viktor Rom & Aaron Mark

18:00h I.N.F.E.R.N.O The Parade after party with DJ Mr. Chi

The biggest after party of the season in Sitges kicks off as the Parade makes its way back through the village

20:00h – 21:30h –  Daft Punk Pride Experience

The Nº1 Tribute to the french house due, Daft Punk. These guys will rock the main stage in a performance to remember! 

21:30h-22:00h Comodin Show

A very special post-parade show by tith the very best drag acts in the Village and some special guests!

22:00h- 22:30h Christopher Haul

Christopher Haul transports us to the land of “Boybands” with his charming good looks and perfect reeditions of the top boy band hits from the past 2 decades.

22:30h-23:30h Mary Mac Returns

Second time round for Mary Mac as she brings you a post parade show featuring the biggest Pride anthems done in her unique style

23:30h-00:30h Actuación principal  | Main Act 
ABBA REVIVAL – Tribute. Thank you for the music

It would not be Sitges Pride without a tribute to ABBA, the Village’s Favourite Show! This year a new band, ABBA REVIVAL will recreate the magic on stage!

Life Show Porn Stars Viktor Rom & Aaron Mark en Sitges Sauna

00:30h  Sitges Pride 2019 – Official Closing Party

 Join Luca on Stage with the main acts of the last 5 days for a farewell show to remember! 10 years of Sitges Pride

2:00h After the main act, party in the stablishments 

Sitges Gay Pride 2019

Lunes 10 de junio 2019 |Monday 10th of June

10 years!  Come join us in Sitges on the 10th of June for Gay Pride Sitges 10th Birthday.

Various venues across Sitges will host special birthday celebrations culminating in one big closing night party! 

The entire town of Sitges will host a series of special parties and events on June 10th for the 10th birthday of Sitges Pride 2019! 

18:30h Cultural Pride.

Workshop all about PrEP Stop SIda Undetectable = Untransmittable in Gay Sitges Link Center (Joan Tarrida 1, 2º)



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